Pandora, I adore ya…

1.  I sit here this morning working at the Daye Jobbe, processing through spreadsheets and figuring out some fiddly bit work things.  This would normally be tedious, but today Pandora has decided that it would deliver pure candy-coated, nostalgic joy to me. Those of you use it know what I am talking about.  Those days where every song is ripped straight from your heart in a perfect progression of emotions, tempo and theme.  Ah yes…

2.  I am promoting this site now heavily among those of you who know my SUPER SECRET identity. Don’t give in to the Voodoun that man is beaming at your noodle!  Stay with the flock, keep up radio silence… The next installment in my gradual slide into the madness of writing shall be coming shortly.

3.  I should note that some of the posted poetry have mature themes… Caveat Emptor!

4.  This weekend ahead is a good one, the hunting season draws ever closer and this mornings walk was actually quite chilly. The hoodie stayed on.  I think Sunday we will be going to pick up pumpkins at  It has become a family tradition to go get an obscene amount of orange squash for the express purpose of lobotomizing them and making them into lanterns.  I highly endorse this process as squash has no natural purpose beyond this and I deny any statement to the contrary.  We shall also make a scarecrow… Though we have no crows I mount “him” on a bamboo pole in the front yard like some scene from a jungle work camp.  We name him George.   This precedes the Thanksgiving annual spear toss into the remaining yard squash with my Zulu spear and the burning in effigy of George.  Only in this way may we have a good crop of corn in the coming year.  Dont judge me.

I am breaking with this whole “5 things makes a post” methodology… 4 things makes a post today


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1 Response to Pandora, I adore ya…

  1. Pandora was hitting it out of the park for me, too, the last few days!

    I mean, I am on the brain-regrowth holding pattern right now, (finished a novel last week, am now a bit lost) so I’m kind of zoning in to recharge in a way I’m not usually, but it does seem like it’s been in a real sweet spot…

    Hi! Fun post, I may be sorta lurking, if I can figure out a way to follow you so I remember though I don’t mainly read stuff about writing at WordPress.

    Bethany, VPXI or Elevenses, as I like to point out

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