Another Saturday Night…

Dear Reader know this, the shower is a princely invention for which I think too little praise is heaped. I sit here now with you, shaven, shorn, cleaned and thoroughly scrubbed.  This is a very good way to end a day spent in the pursuit of domestic dominance of ones suburban jungle. But enough of my water closet peccadilloes.

Last night I decided that I was quite sick of looking at one of my short stories and sent it off to Clarkesworld to see if they would have it. This is important to me because it marks my first submission.  My submission virginity is now a tattered ruin, and none too soon.  This of course also means I start the life long process of waiting on submissions and the ubiquitous REJECTION that comes with submission.  Bring it on. I am going to send out my stories until, (say it with me if you know the words) HELL WON’T HAVE IT.

So there you have it, another day of domestic class war.  Now I sit myself down and decide, do I edit my current manuscript, “The Gears of the Earth” or do I write a new short story.  Decisions, decisions.

I will write the next installment of the year of writing on Monday.
Next week is a busy one with work and home.  We have new hard wood floors being installed in half the house.  Good bye dust holding allergen laden carpet.


– Seamus

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5 Responses to Another Saturday Night…

  1. Congrats on this, too!

    Submitting something takes either steely nerves or a fit of pique providing a temporary courage, I think. I’m not ashamed to rely on the latter, steely nerves will never be my forte…

    And I’ve started sending stuff to Clarkesworld as a signal to myself I think well of a story, even if the odds are astronomical. Sending anywhere else is comparatively easy. I used to send to the middle semi-pro markets first, as more likely, but this was not showing the proper “till Hell won’t have it!” attitude. >_<

    Good luck! And many more submissions to you!

  2. Nice, dude!

    I submitted sporadically until a point in 2008 when I realized, “I can’t wait to submit until I write something better. All this **** sitting around is all I have.” So I sent everything out. One of those initial submissions sold for small potatoes. The other won a smaller contest for some fairly respectable potatoes. I’m still trying to crack the pro markets, but I’m seeing more personalized rejections and a few minor sales.

  3. Michelle says:

    Good luck on the submission. I still need to get my story into shape before I send it out. I can’t believe this is the first time you’ve submitted anything. Welcome to the bleak world of rejections. At least Clarkesworld is quick about it though.

    • seamusbayne says:

      Remember, I spent years doing work in RPGs so my writing there was all by assignment. I did not do spec work. I just got back into writing hard core in the last year and thus I am just
      now at a point where I felt ready to do submissions. I have not had as many years to grind on this as others, mores the pity.

  4. NicoleMD says:

    Congrats on your first submission. How exciting!

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