Another First!


Yee-haw… I feel like a real doofus writer now.  🙂

We keep moving forward, we keep writing and we keep submitting our stories, damn it.


Incidentally I already have that story subbed out once more.

– Seamus

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5 Responses to Another First!

  1. John Murphy says:

    Congratulations! What you have there is proof that you’re willing to do what it takes. Nail it to the wall. (Or, y’know, put it in a filing cabinet. Whichever.)

  2. Submissions are less painful now I have more than one thing out at once…though you’d be *stunned* how often bad news comes in posses…

  3. Gwen says:

    Congratulations! I’ve heard it said that for every 25 rejection letters you get, you’re allowed to take yourself out for a fancy dinner. I think I’m going to make that every 5.

  4. Jake Kerr says:

    I just got mine. So we’re tied 1-1!

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