To market to market…


I find myself in a conundrum.  I am curious how you handle it.  As you know I am working on revision of a manuscript, “Gears”.  I am also strongly tempted by the lure of a new novel/novella idea which has been lurking in the basement since the fall.   In the meantime I have continued working on short stories to keep active and to work on craft.  I am at a point where the new story idea is more appealing than fixing the current MS.  What does one do like this?  Remain monogamous to the current project and spurn new ideas?  Choose to shelve the current MS in favor of the sexier new one?  Shelve them both and write short stories while they fight over you on the lawn like teenagers?

What do YOU do to deal with so many stories and only one set of hands?


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2 Responses to To market to market…

  1. Michelle says:

    Finish gears. Write an outline at most for the new story. Get something on paper so you don’t forget it, but if you really believe in Gears, that’s your priority. Working on some short stories on the side is fine. Working on a completely new novel is going to have to wait. If you start a brand new one, Gears will most likely just get buried and forgotten.

  2. I’m on the fence. I don’t know how you work, but for me, I cannot force myself to be excited about something if something new pops up. The way I deal with it is similar to what Michelle is suggesting, though. I outline and world-build for the new one without writing prose, and save prose-writing for the one I need to finish.

    I’ve written (cue grimace) twelve novels this way, so at least for me, it’s a proven method of finishing projects. Your mileage may vary.

    (I have abandoned novels before and come back to them much, much later, and finished those as well, but that doesn’t happen as consistently.)

    Hope that helps!

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