Paradise Lost: The weekend beforening


It is Spring in Texas. This means my normally futuristic silver wheeled conveyance is a sickly pale yellow, as it most everything outside of my home. The pollen has been unleashed at a level which almost demands Michael Bay show up with cameras and a man doing voice overs.

Next week is Paradise Lost here in Austin, for which I am excited. In a fit of this excitement and in the interest of mutual fun I decided to host a party at my home Saturday night for the participants.  My wife advises me this requires much planning and cleaning.

Today I have been cleaning, cleaning off the layer of yellow hate from all the outdoor areas in which people might want to congregate.

I won, but wicked pollen is having its revenge. I am pretty sure I just sneezed up the Ark of the Covenant and most of a Chupacabra.

Never fear, soon the whiskey and benedryl will kick in and I will be all better. And by better I mean unconscious in a pool of my own yet to be determined bodily fluids. You are jealous, I can tell.
We will all be okay if we can just stay away from those damn giant bats.

-Dr. Seamus

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2 Responses to Paradise Lost: The weekend beforening

  1. It’s so bad this week that my nose is swollen and painful. The out-of-town guests might have to amuse themselves while the hosts lie about in a medicated haze.

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