Sometimes, you can go home again


First I must get this out-of-the-way, I am a bathed-in-the-blood Tolkien fan.  I read The Simarillion, twice, in middle school.

With that in mind I want to talk about Peter Jackson’s video blog.  If you have not watched it yet and you, like me have this story tattooed into your mind, then you should stop now and go watch it.

Peter Jackson’s Video Blog

Now, wasn’t that amazing?  I got a bit teary eyed and flush seeing good old Bag End once more.

This story is illustrative, at least to me, of the power of storytelling.  That we are this emotional about this particular story and its translation into a visual media is a strong reminder of why I write.

There is really nothing more moving than a good story.  It will out live you.  It will grow beyond your wildest dreams and fears as a writer.  It is in fact the very stuff of your mind transported into someone else’s through the lens of their own experiences.  It will become a reality in the minds of thousands, and perhaps even millions of other minds and that reality will change their world. Change THE world.

I think at the end of the day, that is the great inducement to engage in this mental aberration that is writing.

– Seamus

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3 Responses to Sometimes, you can go home again

  1. You know, my first thought on finishing that is: Andy Serkis is an amazingly good sport. Everyone else gets to walk around fully dressed, and he’s hanging out in his bodysuit.

    My second thought is: HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA ROCK.

  2. Peter Sursi says:

    You know, I was thinking the same thing about the gym sock. My daughter watched it with me and is totally psyched for the Hobbit. Still a little too young for Lord of the Rings, which I have not even mentioned to her. Once she knows they exist, I will get no peace.

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