I’m a bad blogger I am

It is true,  I have allowed life to abscond with me and keep me from posting.

All good things, but good things that have kept me busy, distracted and away from the internets.

I shall catch up on the various good things later, but for now I shall offer an amusing analogy.

What is the most dreaded question that any interviewer or panel attendee can ask a creative?

You know the question, it is on the tip of your tongue, like a dart rubbed on the back of a poison arrow frog.

“Where do you get….(wait for it)… your ideas?”

I collect the looks this question begets from my fellow writers like I am saving up angel’s tears in a glass jar of my recollection. Frustration, exasperation, confusion, horror.  You might as well have asked them what their mothers amniotic fluid tasted like in the womb.  Not only do most of them not exactly know, but it is something that does not bear too deep an exploration.  Most of us do not want to know where or how the sausage is being made as long as a steady supply of meat rolling out the doors.

Sadly, I have looked.  I have looked at length at my own creative process because I am like that.  If I had a native American name, it would be, “He who goes there.”   I have looked and I am not going to tell you what I found, because it would be pointless.  It is my creative process.  Anything I said might start you looking in your own sausage factory and I do not want to be party to that decision.  Worse you might go looking for the same extrusion apparatus and conveyor belts I would describe.

And now the amusing visual analogy for how my process feels.

Yes, just like that.


p.s.  If you really have to have an answer, Roger Zelazny used to tell folks, “From the Yellow pages.”  Not only was he being snarky, he was being honest.  If you want to know more go buy the collected stories of Roger Zelazny.  I think the particular anecdote was in volume 5.  🙂

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