One of the joys of parenting

Is Lego.  To be specific, it is the unabashed feeling of happiness in having someone who wants to PLAY with all those ships I crave building.  Okay, granted he crashes most of them in the first 48 hours and comes whimpering to me holding some poor broken ship like a dead bird, but that aside, I get to build ships.  I get to build ships and the wife unit does not have negative comments about me doing it.  I can sit for hours endlessly raking through the giant boxes of parts. If you give me a lego catalog expect to see me sit and drool for a couple of hours over the massive builder sets they have.

Dear Deathstar set,

Do you like me, check YES {} or NO {}

I digress…

Tonight I finished a project and I have to show off a little. I should tell you about my my design philosophy of Lego.  Put simply it is, buy the boxed sets, build it, admire it and take it apart. Now set your heart on something you do not have a manual for.

Go build it.

I use photos and pictures of other lego ships which suit my purposes but basically poke around until I have something I like.

I like this very much.  I give you, the X-Wing Mark I

I have it braced on a green vase so you can see the X-foils in attack position

Side view with x-foils closed

Straight on view articulate panels opened

You can see the cockpit with controls and the forward storage area with cargo well in this shot.


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1 Response to One of the joys of parenting

  1. Lisa H says:

    Ahh….Lego. I have a love/hate relationship with them. My eldest son has a hope chest full of them, color sorted, and loves playing with them. Unfortunately they are also nearly always underfoot somewhere and I am forever stepping on them, trying not to fall, and injuring myself anyway. *sigh*

    Nick doesn’t play much with them, but I have been known to wander the internet looking for cool things to copy.

    We maintain the same theory of build-it-right once, then build whatever you want using the parts after. Over and over and over. 🙂

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