Two things

To hell with the Five Things rule. I have TWO things. If you are hungry and you have two ingredients that is what you get. A meal composed of two things.

If you are hungry for a blog post from me, you get TWO THINGs.

1. I am fifty pages from finishing edits and revisions on my current Alternate Historical Fantasy, “The Gears of the Earth” If you would like to be a reader for the near-to-final manuscript please email me at seamusbayne @

2. Those who know me in the real world know I parted ways with my previous Day Job in March. I am pleased to say I should have some very positive news to announce later this week or early next about my next grand adventure, and it is awesome. What makes it even cooler is there is a direct overlap between my Day Job and my writing (The night job).

How is everyone doing out there?
What is your favorite charity that you have donated to to help out the folks in Joplin?


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1 Response to Two things

  1. Lisa H says:

    I am still waiting for a good chance to talk to your wife. Nudge her for me, will you? 🙂

    Other than that, it’s all testing, testing, and a side of testing. Oh and some bad poetry wandering in my brain. I’ll take bad poetry over NOTHING any day, though.

    Glad things are looking up for you. 🙂

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