Madness, it takes its toll

No moss is growing on this writer…

I know I am a sporadic blogger, but the reality is that I am trying to post when I have something to say.  I have come to the conclusion that MY blog is about my writing, my life and if I do not have something to say I’m not going to fake it.

That being said, holy shit have I been busy.

I just returned from our family summer vacation.  We went to a guest ranch in the Pikes Peak wilderness. If you are into the outdoors and the mythology of the American West it is a fantastic experience.  7500 elevation does take it out of a person though.  I will let the photos speak for the experience.

Rainbow trout on the South Platte river

Catch & release photo with my underwater camera

Grant ready for a day of horseback riding

My daughter Maddie

So we made it home from vacation safe and sound and promptly went to pick up our new puppy, June.  She is home and being puppyish.  This includes all the good and bad things puppies do.  I need to emphasis DO… Need I say more?

Something I have not spoken about is that I left my earlier company in March.  I spent April and May looking and early this month agreed to join a new company.  I want to make sure the founders are cool with my discussing it, but it is a small, super cool marketing company working primarily in the technology space.  I am coming in as the first sales person.  Previously the CEO has done most of the sales work, but they have grown enough to need more focus.  Super cool company folks and I am very excited about it.  I start on the 20th of the month and flying out to the Research Triangle for a week on campus this Sunday.

So let me recap… Two months of job hunting, super intense mountain vacation in Colorado, new puppy, new job.

I also got 300 pages edited on Gears of the Earth and wrote perhaps 50k words of new material for some short stories.

Needless to say I’m kind of zonked out, but feeling good about it all.

I hope all of my tens of readers out there are doing well.  I’m sorry I have been Captain Sporadic from the planet Poster, but you will have to forgive me.

How about yourselves?


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