I returned from the week spent at the new Day Job in Raleigh, NC.  It was much like drinking from the firehose, but the people hosing me down were sympathetic to this and offered to occasionally allow me to come up for air.  In the meantime as my brief and semi-cryptic post has alluded.  I am indeed done with my revisions to the draft of “The Gears of the Earth“. This is outstanding, but as with any task, it is not over until the paper work is done.  In this case the writing of the dreaded…QUERY.  Followed by the even scarier synopsis.

I actually have a draft query which is looking okay.   Just OKAY, not outstanding or anything of the sort.  I am not worried, it will get there, as it must.  The alternative is to have 118k words of my life left poorly represented to the buyers of the world.  This is not an option.  I would rather stuff wasp nests up my nose and run screaming, naked down the street.

Also not an option as the neighbors would likely complain.

I am debating what dreaded SECOND novel I am now going to start, I have two cooking in the crock pot part of my brain that creates this gelatinous slop.  I might indulge in a round of short fiction while the stuff simmer a bit longer.

In the mean time, the Death Heat has come to Texas a bit early this summer.  This is where the temperature rises so high that we’d better have those units in the South Ridge repaired by midday, or there’ll be hell to pay.   Thanks Uncle Owen.

For those of you who are writers, how do you feel about queries?  The last cherry on top of a story, or the last nail in the coffin?


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