Advice for myself, and probably you too

Seamus and all you other tens of writers who read my blog,

I am stepping down off my non-existent soap box to gesture gravely at you (and myself) with my imaginary meerschaum pipe.

Step away from all the Writer “Dear Abby” stuff and go write something. (corrected per snarkOmeter) 🙂

It is not that there is not good advice out there, it is that there is so much advice you can spend all your time reading it and not writing.  Nothing is going to teach us better than experience.  If you have done your 500 or 1000 or 2000 words for today sure, go read something, whatever makes you happy.

We are taking this too seriously… it is only the most important thing ever, let’s try to have some fun with this writing thing for a change.

I am serious about this too serious stuff.  Really.  Look at yourselves.  It is hard enough without running non-stop on the gerbil wheel of perceived self-improvement via osmotic internet and printed wisdom.

Lets all just go write something and have a good time?  What do you say?


(Who might be following too many writer blogs, advice sites, columns, twitter feeds, etc. etc.  Who also probably needs to switch to Decaf)

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3 Responses to Advice for myself, and probably you too

  1. Chris says:

    Dear Abb(e)y, you’re doing it wrong. *grin*

  2. seamusbayne says:


    You’re making perfect sense. Stop it. It is far too hot in Texas to make sense right now.

    Gopher, melon war!


  3. Chris says:

    Did you know that the Atlanta Aquarium has whale sharks? WHALE SHARKS!

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