Progress and processions

This weekend has been a great mixture of good and sad.

I am finally making progress on the synopsis front after some helpful and kind advice from Lucienne Diver.  She agents for several folks I know and they all seem to think she is awesome.  I am inclined to agree.

Saturday has been a good day.  My wife has been out helping her mother who has injured her foot and is not very mobile, so it was a dad and kids days. We had a late breakfast, watched some “science” television (Their word for the Science channel) and then went to see Cars 2.  Though directed by John Lasseter it was not up to Pixar standards in my opinion, but it was still acceptable.  The twins enjoyed it, which is really what counts.  Afterwards we went to the local Tandy leather shop  in Austin and purchased a few leather working hobby kits for some end-of-summer crafting fun.

Upon returning home we enjoyed not being out the 105 F heat.  The wife returned to join us and we made use of the Xing box and its variety of electronic delights away from the hot, hot sun. It burns us. (We’ are of Northern-European descent around here abouts.  That is long hand for fish-belly white folks)

Later this evening I discovered a dear friend, Brett had passed away this morning.  Brett had fought a losing battle to his demons and they finally consumed him.  Brett was one of several people who welcomed me to Austin with arms open so wide it had to hurt his back.  He helped me find a place here as a returning native and shared his world selflessly with me.  He was one of the few people I know who is as demented and crazy as I am.  In that we shared a common bond in our love of the perverse that bordered on beauty and the absurd which pushed sublime, he was a cherished friend.  He was a gifted musician and incredibly bright, so bright his mind moved restlessly like a shark through knowledge and verse.  His kind will not be seen again soon, nor should it, for its shadow will fall long into the years beyond his short span of years.

I will miss you Brett, this is a thing, isn’t it?


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