It’s corporate life, Jim, but not as we know it

Greetings readers,

As I have said before I have this day job, its off working in the war-torn and weary halls of the Technorati. I rather enjoy my work for in many cases for the very reason that sends others screaming from their careers to seek refuge as arms dealers or something safer and ethically sound.  It is a brutal, gladiatorial arena of warring city states, nations and tribes all cutting each other with the swords of disruptive and disintegrating change. It is world filled with larger than life characters, swollen egos, invention, genius, challenge, triumph and crushing failure. How can you NOT love that?  Because you want sanity?  QUIBBLES!  My professional detachment from reality is a direct benefit to my writing.

Tonight I raised beverages of an alcoholic nature with some friends from a large hardware vendor who is not to be named.  We shall call it Hastur Inc.  These fine gentlemen from Hastur Inc. were sharing their woes with me over managerial strife.  A line was dropped on me like a hit of corporate LSD which nearly drove me to snark my beverage across the room.  I had to share it with you because truly, the person who created it is a genius.

“My boss is a black hole from which no passion for my job can escape.”

Mother Jambox!  What a line!

I am sure many of you can sympathize with the statement.  I have in the past, though I am lucky to now have a really great relationship with my management team.

Enjoy yourselves out there, no one is getting out of here alive.


(Hastur… there, I said it thre__________________

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