September, finally!


For those who are not in Texas the title of this post might seem kind of vague.

“What happens in September?  His yearly spleen flensing?”

I am glad you asked.  What happens is a change in the weather.  No, not some monolithic change like the temperature noticeably changing.   No, this is a change in the class of portents read in entrails and the tailings of a fine cup of tea. A subtle, almost ineffable change comes with September that is the near silent herald of Autumn.

Every climate experiences these changes which are registered in microcosmic inflection.  This one is so welcome because it means the Death Heat [tm] is almost over.  The hundred plus degree days are going to dwindle away and be replaced by cool, dare I hope, chilly mornings.  The leaves which are burnt brown will briefly turn yellow and orange on their edges before giving up and falling off like the last sob of a broken-hearted lover.

I love Autumn.  I really do.  I spend four and half months a year mourning its passing and the other four and half holding my breath in anticipation that it is coming.  Guess what? It is September 1st.  As far as I am concerned this is New Year’s Day in Seamustopia.

It also does not hurt that I got a request for a full copy of my manuscript from a really outstanding agent today. Nope, not at a bit.


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