Paradise Lost 2: Texas

Good Morning,

As I sit here letting the delicious caffeine seep into all of the crevices of my brain meat I am preparing for a day trip to San Antonio.  I am going down to do an on site visit of a hotel which I believe is the one for Paradise Lost 2.  It is a very cool property, right on the riverwalk with some great amenities and an awesome 20th century art deco look.

Cross your fingers true-believers and be waiting for the announcement!

In the mean time, on the production side of writing the war goes on.

I received a rejection from one of the top three agents whom I queried, but a good friend announced she is now being represented by same said agent. This actually counts as a win in my book as the success of my peers is a rising tide for my generational wave.  Also considering I have another top-tier agent who has a requested a full of my manuscript, all in all the balance is not only positive but awesome.  I do need to get off my ass and get more queries out.  My top three are thus far, a win, a draw and a lack of response.  It is time to do the next 9.  (I love three, it makes the OCD purr like a kitten)

I continue the process of building up the new novel, which has the working title of , A Dark Lord Named Paul.   It is going to be a tricky story with two time-lines which have an interleaved story.  I am in deep compost mode allowing my subconscious to work out some details.  I am excited about the project and ready to strike the first words and get going.  The project does run the risk of being another damn tome though vs a shorter novel, which had been a goal.  Maybe the next novel will be less than 125K words?

In the mean time, life goes on as I adjust to my new job, which is challenging and at times frustrating.  After years of working for large and organizationally feudal companies, working for a small, open and collaborative company is a jarring experience. I will admit I had grown complacent in my expectations of having large teams who do my bidding vs having to make my bread like the little red hen.

I wish you all the best of weekends.  If you are one of the kind folks who come by and visit from time to time, by all means leave a comment so I know who you are.  I see my “hits” statistics and wonder who you are.

To steal from Jay Lake (Who is highly worth of stealing from)

QOTD?  What is it that is keeping you from getting your writing done?


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3 Responses to Paradise Lost 2: Texas

  1. Peter Sursi says:

    Is it hard for a Dark Lord named Paul to get his minions to take him seriously? I mean, can a “Paul” wear spike-encrusted armor dripping with the blood of his enemies? Somehow, it seems more of a spike-encrusted cardigan sweater with a coffee stain kind of name. O.o

    • seamusbayne says:


      It is amazing what a megalo-maniacal, genius sociopath can do to motivate people. Also it is a working title, which is largely there to amuse me. Though it is in fact correct, it is also a humorous tone which is not actually the tone of the novel. If I were to give it a proper title it might be something like, “The Rack of the Gods” or “Broken on the Wheel of Paradise”

      -Seamus (Caffeinated)

  2. mishagmcg says:

    Interesting, my OCD likes groups of four.

    Anyway, best of luck with the queries. Right now my freelance work is keeping me away from writing fiction, but I don’t like excuses so I’m going to hold myself to writing a little this week.

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