My advice:

Don't knock my hobbies

And Lo’ it was Sunday.

(Greetings feels overdone)

I sit here surfing the deep and abiding pleasure of ham inside my mighty stomach listening to the gurgle and roar of (American) football from the living room.  A nice blend of content and tired.  I could take a nap.

This is NOT acceptable

I will have you know I have gotten almost no writing done in several weeks.  This is annoying me.  I have a new novel in the works, I have short stories unfinished, I have submissions I should be sending, but I am not because I am so fricking tired.

You may or may not recall (I make no assumptions as to your powers of comprehension) that I started a new day job over the summer.  It is for a very cool company, but it is a small company and everyone works very hard.  Honestly, harder than I am used to working.  I have lived in the 45 – 50 hours a week of work as my norm for years.  Now I am essentially back in the start-up world where people who work less than 60 hour weeks are viewed as slackers.

Let me offer you some life math

Work + wife + children + domestic responsibilities + social obligations + kids activities + hobbies + WRITING = Eleventy bagillion hours a week

You will notice there has been no inclusion of eating, sleeping or bathing in this schedule. *sniff sniff*  Yeah…

I am hitting a wall in terms of my ability to keep up and honestly, this feels unacceptable.  I have miles to go before I sleep.

So I am endeavoring to reestablish my caffeine addiction.  After years of not drinking daily coffee, I working to cultivate that behavior to help increase my productivity.

I just took delivery of one of these bad boy:

The Cuisinart SS700 Kuerig coffee maker

Of course, the damn water reservoir is cracked so I have an open ticket with the Cuisinart people to make this fully functional. (Cuisinart, PASS THIS BILL…)

Lets see if adding stimulants to the mix will help me fold space and time to get this new novel going.

Next up, Meth!

QOTD?  What is your favorite K-Cup product?

-Seamus the ever yawning

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4 Responses to My advice:

  1. Phiala says:

    I think K-coffee is pretty nasty, personally: the time and temperature are wrong for ideal extraction. Why not a nice Aeropress?

    As for the other, I hear you. I work a time- and brain-consuming day job, own a small business, write nonfiction, and, if there’s any time left, write fiction. As you say, housework and other minor items do not appear on that list. Not having kids was a helpful choice too, much as my mother may disagree.

    Careful organization is key, and not just planning your time, but planning your brainpower, at least for me.

    • seamusbayne says:

      I actually do have a very nice french press and coffee grinder. I love great coffee. That being said, time is a factor. I am not looking for great coffee every day. I am looking for a cup of Joe. The Cuisinart comes with some extras, like temperature adjustment which help. I have had acceptable coffee from a K-cup, especially if you buy the right cups. Of course I am looking for suggestions as well.

      Also the Keurig style machine does things that the wife and kiddlets enjoy, like tea, cider and hot chocolate.

      I am down with organization, I think I am just frustrated that I am going to have to raise the bar in terms of what was previously spontaneous.

      • Phiala says:

        My sole experience with a Keurig is the cheap machine at work, and it makes lousy coffee and worse tea. Glad to hear the fancier machines make tastier beverages. I use a French press, mostly, though I want to try an Aeropress. I microwave the water, having established how long for my usual size mug makes it the preferred temp for me. I check my mail while it heats, then take the whole thing to my office. So for me, it takes about as much interaction time to make press coffee as it does for the Keurig, though the elapsed time is much longer. And then there’s clean-up, of course. Whatever works for you.

        As for organization, I’m a big fan of the Getting Things Done approach. (And more on planning.)

  2. taureanw says:

    Even with 48 hours in a day I believe I’d have more work then time to accomplish them.

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