Where the wild things were

Welcome to October folks, try not to trash the place.

Writing did not happen last night.  I had words in my head, but the flesh was feeling weak so an early bedtime was in order.  Today we shall do better.

I think part of the exhaustion was from how crappy I ate this weekend.  I have been attempting to adjust my base caloric intake to be generally lower.  You will note I am not saying diet, because that comes with some temporal assumptions. A period of desperate starvation in favor of a few less stone on the scale.  This is not my goal.  I am just trying to do better and that is working well.  This weekend was just a blip in that.  I ate deserts twice and too much in both cases.  I ate a lot of greasy, delicious burnt mammal flesh as well.  And I chased it all down with breads.  So, now this week will be more modest, because I am pretty sure my tiredness from yesterday is a direct result.

In the mean time, go read this:

I love this quote from a recent interview with Maurice Sendak.  It sums up some of my own feelings on what are emerging trends in media versus the basic underlying media and how we consume it.  We do not play E chess or watch E movies, so why Ebooks?  Yes, we obstinate and pig-headed writers who are trying to get/stay published care about these things for reasons pertinent to our business, but the reality is the product is still there for the consumer, no matter the media.

Ebooks: “I hate them. It’s like making believe there’s another kind of sex. There isn’t another kind of sex. There isn’t another kind of book! A book is a book is a book.”

– Maurice Sendak

QOTD?  What is up with apple cider donuts?


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