This makes me madder than hell


The snark-master, John Scalzi wrote a piece about The Write Agenda.  You should go read it before you continue.

Now, having read that post I invite you to go check out their website.

I would point you to this particular passage in the About page.

“Bottomline? Keep an open mind, review all facts and above all . . .  be careful what you post . . .  it’s getting litigious out there! Lawsuits and Cease & Desist Letters against authors are on the rise. Loyalty to some self-proclaimed publishing “watchdogs” may have a price.”

Please pardon my for a moment if you are of a gentle temperament.  Mom, if you read this blog stop now.

Fuck you, The Write Agenda.

You’re thinly veiled attempt to threaten us, threaten ME,  into not speaking my mind and calling foul when ruthless scumbags attempt to take advantage of writers is sickening.

These are my friends you’re talking about.  People whom I respect and in some cases have known for decades.  Fuck you, and fuck your self-serving agenda of threats, abuse and insinuations in the absence of facts.

You sicken me, and that is saying something. I hope your attempts end in ignominious failure and I wish you nothing but strife.

Now, sorry, I had to get that off  my chest.

For those of you looking at that site and wondering, “Hmm, maybe these people have something here.”

Let me be clear. The persons being made out as monsters here are in fact huge supporters of the field and the art of writing.  They put significant effort into helping our community. The fact that the bad guys have fallen to character assassination via anonymous websites should tell you something about the true villains here.

Help me in sharing the truth and helping keep our community strong and free from predators.

-Seamus Bayne

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