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Apologies for disappearing for a week, I was at Dell World here in Austin.  My CEO (who is sage, crazy, challenging and entertaining) and I attended events between numerous client meetings.  It was a good week and I enjoyed it. Day Jobbery is at its most fun when I get the chance to really get into discussions with clients and talk about their goals.  There is a sense of prognostication in helping them see their own vision clearly and turn it into a reality they can use like a poisoned shiv on their competition.  That analogy might not bear out fully, but you get my direction. A good week.

I slept a solid 10 hours last night, which is nearly three times as much as any night this week since Wednesday.  It was a welcome break.

Now I am watching football and considering my current manuscript.  I had a conversation with a writing partner this morning about the current direction.  I fear I have deviated in the course of creation and I am going to need to go back and address it.  That being said is better to start course corrections now than at 75k words.  Speaking of which I have not yet given you an update on that project.

One Damned Thing:

Word Count 8,777 (subject to major revision)

I hope the rest of you are having productive and positive Saturdays.


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