Write, write, crap…rewrite, rewrite, rewrite

I did a total do-over on One Damned thing from the beginning and just got caught up to my earlier point in the edits.

10,822 words and looking good, though this manuscript is just filthy with vulgar language. Which is fun.

Here is a bit of the WIP:

“I’m still lying there on the side-walk, naked but for a robe which would look at home on Ru Paul and a pair of boots stolen from Kinky Friedman’s closet when everyone with a flashing light in a three county radius shows up with a giant disaster hard-on. It’s just the local five-0s and me. Five feet eight inches of ugly, scarred, burnt and very, very pissed off Maurice V. Tharus.”

I hope to hit some strong writing time this weekend and push 15k by Sunday.  It would like to get to about 25k words done this month.  That is a high goal, but it is my goal.  Ideally this novel will be at draft 0 this year.

I am normally slack in my efforts through the holiday season, but this year I am not on a hunting lease which will free up quite a few weekends.  Assuming I do not go stir crazy wanting to hunt, I will write.

Wishing you hot manatees,


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