Query weary

Evening strange mutants of the internet,

Tonight I have been deeply engaged in what Jay Lake would call, WRPA, which I recall as “Writing related professional activities.”  It could also mean, “Writers readily procrastinate avidly,” In this case I have been productive sending out submissions for my alternate historical fantasy, The Gears of the Earth, to agents.

I have a list of 100 top-selling agents and I have read about each of them and their agencies.  My process involves working my way down the list and making a call about the agent/agency based on a number of criteria.  In many cases they are not open to submission or they are only taking snail-mail queries.

Once I sort through the ones that I think might actually be interested in my product I go through the various hoops the require to send it in.  It is interesting the variety of desired information and formats that agents ask for in a submission.  It is a necessary but tedious task for someone at my place in my writing career. (At least I think so, I know about self-publishing but I am not interested now.)


Tell me about your query process.

Moist cake soaked in rum,


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