The noble pig

Sunday – SUNDAY – S U N D A Y!

We are taking it easy today around the house after yesterdays Yardgasm.  Which my sore muscles appreciate. This is the start of the week of festivities around the twins 8th birthday.  It might be pure insanity but we break up the celebrations into mini-events so that everyone has a chance to hang out and not have to compete for their attention. This means we have a combination birthday/going away party for close family friends today.  They are moving from Austin to Cary, NC. this week. It will be a somewhat bittersweet afternoon I think. I shall pad my sorrow in mounds of pulled pork, which is cooking even now and smelling delicious.

We will have a quiet dinner with the wife’s parents on Wednesday where we shall have cake and the kids will open another round of gifts.  Then we shall have a party for the kids classmates and a few friends on Saturday at a local bowling alley.  Sunday we shall celebrate with my side of the family.  Finally next Monday, Halloween, they shall celebrate their last birthday party at school for their classes.

That is…*counts*, six different events.  Seven if you count that the wife and I took the kids to see Mary Poppins as our gift.

This is why we asked anyone (except for family) who wants to give gifts to bring something to donate to charity instead. Try to dial back the expectations on piles of toys they don’t need.

I think next year I am going to host only one birthday party in a giant Thunderdome style arena and give everyone padded clubs and just watch from outside.  Cake, Ice cream, club to the face…

Writing has not progressed well this weekend, but the weekend is not over yet.  I am hoping to strike some new words tonight on the old word anvil.  There is much work to be done if we are to survive the winter.

While I am thinking about it, for my fellow writers out there.  David Wolverton is hosting a short story competition for his upcoming Enhanced E-book, Nightingale.

There is a $1,000.00 prize and the story is included in the book.  Not that I want more competition but in good faith, you probably won’t find a better prize for a 2500 word story.


What are you doing with your Sunday?

Quisling night at the Improv,


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