And now for dinner

Evening readers,

Work is busy in both good and challenging ways, but life goes on.  I wrapped up the rewrite of Gears this week based on the feedback from some recent rejections I had received from agents I have queried.  Do you know how someone tells you something painful and probably hurtful and the first thing you think is, “Well, Fxxk them!”

Then you hear your writing friends remind you that the most painful criticism can be the most valuable.  Well yes, that.  I had a discussion with Mr. Ego and Mr. Pride and we decided that it could not hurt to TRY and fix things and just see what we think.

It turns out that there were some serious pacing issues, the main character didn’t do much to endear himself to the reader and the language did have some overly alliterative points.  Now that I see the alternative, the results please me.

Now I hope a few readers will give me some feedback on what they think.  And of course, the queries continue.

In the mean time… I made homemade red sauce.  Its been cooking in the crock pot all day with grilled Italian sausage and its driving me crazy with how good it smells.

We will eats it, yes, yes... we will

I shall be getting back to, “One Damned Thing” shortly and get on with it.  Having it half done by mid Dec would be a good plan.

I hope you are all doing well,


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1 Response to And now for dinner

  1. Govoria says:

    Way to go. Mr. Pride and Mr. Ego can really get in the way of getting things done, if you let them.

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