The erudite Thanksgiving post

Greetings dear Readers,

I shall now delve deep into the psychological aspects of the Thanksgiving holiday and how it impacts us emotionally.

Actually, lets not and just say we did. Okay, maybe just a little, but then were right back to tasteless humor and writing wankery again.

I find it interesting that here in the states we all become quite introspective this time of year.  You see friends and family begin to post daily devotionals to what they are thankful for.  We gather together as families either biological or chosen to eat a meal and remember that which matters most and those who have gone before us.

I think that is a good thing, but as with all things it is unfortunate we have to set aside time to do that rather than it being part of our daily lives.  As a rule I opt out of holidays as they make me feel disingenuous, but not Thanksgiving.  I think perhaps the food is the glue to keeps everything else together.

Around the Bayne house we have a tradition of hosting Thanksgiving orphans for the last ten years or so, but this year we are doing something different.

Tomorrow morning we will drive to my Mother’s home in Wimberley, Texas.  Her home sits on bluff over the Blanco river.  It is very pretty there, so it is always a nice place to visit.

Yes, that really is the back yard.

We will gather at my uncle’s compound, which is just down the street.  I don’t mean to be dramatic, but really, compound is the right word.  There are three different buildings on 5 acres, also on the river.

There will be many of other members of my family, including my own elderly grandmother, Aunt and Uncle, a handful of cousins.  We have even invited the wife’s parents to come along. (Wish them luck, we are kind of a wild and unruly bunch)

There will be something like 16 – 20 people present.  A nice sized gathering.

And I will be thankful for that time together.  Because when I travel back in my memories, those moments are way points.  They represent strong memories which tie together other experiences which like our daily lives would pass by unmarked or noted beyond the absence of anything memorable happening.

I think that these kinds of experiences are important, probably more important than we realize.

Family reunions, holiday gatherings, conventions, writing retreats, vacations and travel… All of these serve as a mechanism to bring together our families, both biological and chosen and strengthen those ties that bind us together.  In a connected world we all share superficial connections constantly, this blog being a perfect example, which give a semblance of connection but cannot replace experiences in person.

So for those of you celebrating thanksgiving, I hope you spend it with people you care about and doing things that please you. Maybe it will be something that will inspire you to even, dare I say it, write something.

Sending you cranberry jam between your toes,


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