What happens when writers reproduce

This conversation happened a few weeks back:

Daughter, “Dad, what exactly is an ass-ass-in?”

Your host, “Do you mean an assassin?”

Daughter, “Yes, they are talking about one in this book.  What is it?”

Your host, “It is not an it, it is a who, or a what.  In this case it is a person who kills other people for complicated motives. So money, politics, religion, things like that.”

Daughter, “So a murderer?”

Your host, “Yes, but with the implication of complex motives.”

Daughter makes a circle shape in the air with her right hand, “Oh, well circle of life.”

Your host looking aghast, “No, no. Not circle of life.  Circle of life is an Eagle eating a salmon.  Someone shooting someone with a high powered rifle from a building is not the circle of life.”

Daughter, “What if they kill them with their hands?”

Your host, “No.”

Daughter, “What if they eat them?”

Your host, “No, that is still not circle of life, now we are talking about a cannibalistic assassin.”

Daughter, “Oh, okay. Thanks Dad.”

She is 8.  I fear what the teenage years are going to look and sound like.


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1 Response to What happens when writers reproduce

  1. NicoleMD says:

    Ummm… I’m speechless!

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