Redneck Writing Retreat


I have this crazy idea.  Hell, let’s be honest, I have a personal library of crazy ideas.  That being said, I would like to speak about ONE specific crazy idea.

You might have caught on by now, if you are paying attention that my avocation is writing and it is kind of a big-damn-deal to me.  I spend a lot of my time thinking about it even when I am not as actively engaged in it as I would prefer.

One of the ancillary processes of being involved in writing has been involved in the writing community and trying to contribute and be a force of good in terms of helping foster, create and support writer education and access to other writers.  Let’s face it, writing is not for sissies and we can all use a helping hand.  I have been given far more than my fair share already.

One of the things (see crazy idea) that I have thought about is that many writers haven’t had the access to the rural/redneck upbringing I was lucky to have.  Yes, lucky.  Lucky because you get exposed to a lot of life growing up in the country, or living a lifestyle that puts you in direct contact with the natural world.  This is not to say you don’t get your fair share of experiences growing up in an urban or suburban environment, but they are different and for the most part genre writing takes place outside of the ‘burbs.

So this crazy idea is, as the title suggests, a redneck writing retreat.  I could explain it, and probably will because I am verbal like that, but I think this slide show might do a better job.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So with those images in mind, here is how I think it would work.  There are plenty of lodges in the hill country which offer excellent space on private land for reasonable rates.  I know of one an hour and half north of Austin which includes a six thousand square foot lodge with sleeping for a dozen all-inclusive for a hundred dollars a night with a shooting range and if you so chose, you can hunt for an extra hundred or so a day.  While that is not exactly cheap, it would be an interesting experience for a group of writers to go out, write, recreate and for those willing to hunt.

If you have never harvested an animal (say a feral hog which is both delicious and a non-native nuisance species) and have no ethical reasons not to, you should at some point to experience it.  After that you can see the carcass butchered into meat. Later we could cook it over an open fire and share the meal.

Think of it as an adventure to fill up that quiver in your head full of experiences to pour out on the page later.

Or maybe I’m just crazy.  *grin*


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