I wonder what the king is doing tonight?

Hello readers,

I hope everyone is having an excellent new year thus far. If you are like me, you are probably ever so slightly bored with January.  It is an infant month in that it mostly just lays there, makes demands and produces crap for you to deal with.  I am generally quite pleased to put it behind me.

Things have been busy as ever at Casa Bayne with a great deal of sturm and drang over the return to school for the twins.  We have also continued the seemingly never-ending process of home goods gentrification. Out with the old and in with the new or newer.  This generally results in a process my wife calls, “fruit basket turn over” but I think of it as domestic tetris. Something comes in, something must go out or find a new home.  New homes often displace other things.  The cascade continues right into sells on Craig’s list and trips to goodwill.  Frankly it is a behavior well suited to January.

We ended the year seeing Paradise Lost II once again fully booked, moving forward and picking up pace.  It will be here before we know it, for those who are attending I hope you are working on your submissions.

And speaking of writing, I had a very productive evening last night of 2300 well done words.  Not drafty, creaky things, but actually quite pleasing.  They of course will still need an edit, but a light one versus the kind I would liken to mucking out the stable of an incontinent horse. I will save you the pain and me the trouble of looking for further visual support of that image.  It is good to exercise the imagination.

I hope to have more to update later, but this will have to hold you for now


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