Errata: The reported death of Sword and Sorcery

Greetings readers,

I’m once again at that point where I apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been both extremely busy and somewhat lacking a topic that caught my attention.  Let me remedy that by saying the reported death of Sword and Sorcery has been grossly exaggerated.  While there is no question that fantasy as a genre as exploded in many directions creatively, there is still a place for those stories of high adventure.  This is a good thing.  I recently wrote a low fantasy short story just to see if I could and I hope it finds a home.  In the meantime, I would direct your eyes here.

Saladin is an online acquaintance of mine and in my opinion, a fun and entertaining person. I’ve followed the process of his book moving towards release for many months now.  I’m excited to say today is the launch day for, “Throne of the Crescent Moon.

(Amazon link provided for ubiquity, Support your local book monger!)

It’s getting some really fantastic reviews and I’ll be reading it myself as soon as I’m caught up on my critiques I owe some of my writing partners.  I will offer a review when I’m done, but that could be a week or two.  In the mean time, Seamus-bob says check it out.


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