Beware the ides of March: An open challenge


Tomorrow is February fifteenth and I’m issuing a challenge to myself and to my fellow writer and friend, Spencer Ellsworth.

By March fifteenth 2012, I will have completed (yet another) revision of my current manuscript, “The Gears of the Earth”, three short stories, and have them all out for submission.


I will make and post a video of me reading the first chapter of, “Atlanta Nights” in the best dramatic voices I can muster.

Spencer has his own plans for humiliating himself if he cannot sustain discipline. I think it has to do with butter milk and a goat.

If you too find yourself in the late-winter doldrums and unmotivated; I urge you to join us. Put your dignity on the line and commit to a creative endeavor.  Make it happen, or make us all laugh. I am looking at YOU, Veeps.


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3 Responses to Beware the ides of March: An open challenge

  1. Weber says:

    Next time you should let your adoring fans suggest a book to be read. Let it be a surprise. Everyone wins!

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