There are things we just don’t need to know

Writing as a profession is definitively one of those things. The process of becoming a professional, (mine at least) is one long wonderland of people pulling back curtains and smashing illusions with the flourish of a hammer and a, “Ta-dah!”

I could probably start a large decorative mosaic mural of me with a really contorted look on my face with all the pieces.

One of them that continues to confound me is the process of creation and improvement.  If you had asked 3 years ago what the process of creation for a work of fiction looks like I might offer something like this:


Now, 3 years later.  I think it might look something more like this.



So this is what I have learned.  Sometimes it is better not to ask how someone makes the sausage unless you absolutely must make it for yourself.

Brought to you by the Ides of March Challenge, where sanity and brutal self-mutilation meet at the cross roads of suffering.

Go write something.


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