Results matter:

Greetings miscreants,

For those playing along at home today is March 15th.  While not exact it’s close enough to the Ides of March that we shall let it slide.  So, now that have agreed that it’s the Ides of March, you might recall a little challenge I posted about, here and that my cohort, Spencer posted about here.

Well kids, we have a date with destiny and she is ordering the lobster.


Revise one Novel:

– “Gears of the Earth” Revised @108k words

Write or revise 3 short stories and submit them to a paying market:

– “Crown of Sorrows” Revised and returned to editor @ 7300 words

– “Janus Don’t Surf” Revised and Submitted @ 830 words

– “Containment” Revised and Submitted @ 5500 words

Additional Goodness:

– “Gears of the Earth” Synopsis revised @ 1500 words

– 2 Agents queried

– 1 Partial manuscript requested

– “Dance upon Sand” Draft @ 4500 words

I think we can call this challenge

Now, the question is, “What’re we gon’ do tonight, Brain?


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2 Responses to Results matter:

  1. Govoria says:

    Fucking. Awesome. Way to go.

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