Call off the manhunt


It’s okay.  I’m still alive.  You can call off the campaign to have my ugly mug posted on one of these.

I’m just swamped with work and preparation for a week-long visit from my CEO where we are in 20 client meetings in three and a quarter days.  Yeah, it is going to be crazy. Crazy like a fox.  A fox in meetings. This did not work as planned.

The good news is that I can announce that Heroic Fantasy Quarterly has purchased my story, “Crown of Sorrows,” for publication in their April issue. I have posted this in a few places so most of you probably know this already, but still, hurrah.

In the mean time I have wrapped up another 5k word story which is lingering on my desk and will be going to be critiqued at Paradise Lost.  I am also in discussions with Spencer “Not an Eskimo” Ellsworth as to a second challenge.  This time we’re going to get seriously stupid in our goals.  So stand by true-whatever-you-are-persons.

Star spangled spam-which,


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1 Response to Call off the manhunt

  1. Govoria says:

    Glad to hear you’re still kicking! I think some part of the challenge should involve wild badgers. Get on that.

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