S4 Madness!

Some, nay, two of you have asked,

“What is that thing over on the

right side of your blog?”

That, dear readers, is proof I’m a masochist, and or stupid.  The good news is that I’m not alone in my stupidity. It gets better, you could JOIN IN!

What is this amazing thing I speak of?

Why, it’s

Spencer & Seamus’s Summer of Stupidity!

What is that?

Only the worst, best idea ever, after the twinkie wiener sandwich.

Spencer Ellsworth & I are going to each reach draft zero on a novel between April 4th and July 4th. It’s like that Nanowhatchathingy, but we’re going for 90 – 120k word novels from start to finish.

Yes, I know I’m a few days late on the announcement, but things have been busy.  Bats!

HUGE BATS!  From space, and other things.  Yes.

But now you know!

S4 is happening, and what’s more, YOU can join in. Yes you. If you have the mojo. The raw gonzo. Dare I say it, the literary cojones, to put your John or Jane Hancock on the dotted line, then you too can join this madness.

What happens if we fail?  Well for one, no pudding, I can tell you that.  Also, cruel punishment.  I’m thinking at the very least anyone who does not finish is on the hook to offer a full read of those who do.  Kind of like a built-in critique process with SHAME!  I’m big on the shame bit, it makes me sweat like a preacher in a brothel when I think about deadlines and word counts.

So there you have it, and it is ON!

If you’re in, put your name in a comment below with your working title for your novel.


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8 Responses to S4 Madness!

  1. seamusbayne says:

    Seamus Bayne
    Royal Flush

  2. fadeaccompli says:

    Fade Manley
    (…sheesh, I don’t have working titles for most of my finished projects, much less my as-yet-unwritten ones. Call it ‘Untitled’ or something.)

  3. BT says:

    I’m with Fade, I’m not a titles person.
    (and you gotta fix the count-down-o-meter; skipping from 3 months to 2 is just wrong.)

    • seamusbayne says:

      Welcome aboard!

      The damn thing won’t do by day, only gives you the option for the end date, then it counts down as it wishes. You will just have to live with the paranoia of two months. Booga Booga!


  4. Jake says:

    Jake Kerr
    Spencer Ellsworth Is The Devil And Must Be Stopped (working title)

  5. I’m not signing up, because I came up with the whole thing therefore I’ve been signed up since birth. But my working title is “A Punk Band Called ‘Songs About How Jake Makes Me Sick’ And Our Instruments Won’t Stay In Tune Because That’s How Sick Jake Makes Me.”

  6. Will this be FUN shame, or merely DIRE shame?

    Also, this novel I’m, starting is the sequel of a not even-quite 55k novel, and will likely be only about 60, but I maybe could write something else to, I have cheated this way for Nano MANY A TIME.

    Bethany Powell:
    A Pact of Magelords

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