Words, words, words


Welcome to Friday. I stayed up too late working on a revision to a novelette which has kept my attention when my goal was drafting a new novel. There are good reasons for this which I will talk about later. This novelette is the second in a series of three I am working on. Incidentally,  the first was Crown of Sorrows. I got some fantastic feedback on how to go deeper emotionally and expand the story, which I am almost done with. Once I complete the series of three, I am going to consider if there’s enough material there to work the story arc into a novel.  If nothing else, I will combine all three into a novella.

I am also working on a submission for Strange Chemistry, Angry Robot’s YA imprint. I need to get off my ass and get that done. Damn it. *glares at self*

Now I am yawning, and I think a nap might be in order sometime today.

How are you doing out there?


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