A good day


Now that I have tortured you with the unattainable muffins of Tantalus, I will regale you with tales of my literary prowess. Yes, I am being the arrogant jerk, Ho, ho, ho. I blame my mustache.

This weekend has been a good writing weekend for me.

Last night I sent off my submission to Strange Chemistry, the YA imprint of Angry Robot, for their 2012 open door period.  If you had it in you to wish me luck or whatever it is you people do, do that. Please.  With sugar on top.

Tonight I finished the third round of edits/revisions (Is there really a difference?) of my story, “Dance Upon Sand,” which is the continuation of the tale started in, “Crown of Sorrows.”  Blah, blah, blah… Shameless self-promotion foul.  Eat 100 worms, die alone living in Outer Siberia, or Nebraska, whichever comes second.

Still with me? Wow, awesome.

I got critiques back from Spencer, and Jake over the last week for Dance. They are both awesome in their own wicked ways as writing partners. THANKS GUYS!

So all the changes are made, all the work is done. And? And, this story makes me happy.  I have a refined “shit-O-meter” for bad writing, which is tuned to the particular smell of my own bad writing. I had a lot of material to practice on. (passive voice, passive voice rah rah rah, passive voice, passive voice, is not very active)

The meter? It didn’t go off tonight.

I’m going to have it checked out tomorrow to confirm the calibration.  If it is correct, then this story is actually good. Unless you’re an artist, I’m not sure you appreciate how hard, rare, and awesome it is to say that about something you’ve created and not feel like a giant wiener.  Okay, maybe I feel a bit like a medium wiener, but just a little. Wiener is fun to write.

A normal response to a finished story for me is to cringe and hope my audience does not have discerning tastes, and/or that the editor du jour is desperate.  Like, 10 beers and has no ride home desperate.

So, the story is off for submission.  The good luck thing we talked about earlier, if you do it twice I hear your karma is actually tripled.

To keep up with the insanity, I sent another story which had wrapped up its round of subs with a bunch of “Thanks, but die in a fire.” rejections, back out into the market.  You can’t sell what you don’t submit.

A good weekend of productive writing things done.

How was your weekend?



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2 Responses to A good day

  1. Jake says:

    Despite Spencers influence, I agree that this story is awesome.

  2. That is oh, so nice when it happens!

    I got up this morning after a completely brain-off weekend ready to REWRITE A QUERY LETTER so. I’d say the weekend was a smashing success.

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