Being a creator…


I need to have a preaching to the choir moment.

Being someone who creates is sometimes one of the most powerful, moving and enriching experiences a person can have. This is true if you make music, pottery, draw, paint, build a fence, raise a child, tattoo people, or whatever it is you are doing.  Being a maker, a creator, is fundamentally life changing, beneficial and part of the process of being human.  When you meet someone for the first times one of the first questions you ask is, “What do you do?” While there is a lot of context in that question, one of the things we want to understand is what do you create?

Also, sometimes, hopefully not often, being a creator, especially one focused in artistic endeavors, it is a giant steaming pile of goat vomit. (Gosh, that was a lot of commas)

For my particular obsession avocation, writing, there are a plethora of queasy looking goats inherit in the process.

 He looks cute, but keep him away from the persian rug or you will be sorry.

 This week has been one much visited by the little fellow above. That is part of its charm. I temporarily stuck creatively, and it is bugging the hell out of me. I could walk through the reasons, why rationally, and in aggregate these feeling makes sense, but it does nothing to ease the general frustration and anxiousness I feel.  That is annoying.

Some of the contributing factors are I am in week 2 of a diet, I have a story out with an editor which is under review, and I am undecided on what to work on next.

I KNOW what I need to work on on next, both from a writing standpoint and commitments made to writing partners in terms of critiques, but getting going is hard.

I want to just shake myself like a baby, and shout,


(You should never shake a baby, no matter how many of your smokes they filch)

And I will, eventually, get going and write.

I know this, because it has happened before. My creative process doesn’t buy into the write every-damn-day school of thought. At least, not yet.  I continue to try to develop that ability. If yours does, bully for you.

 But, for now, I am feeling stuck and there is nothing for it.  Expect perhaps to post on your blog to your readers to try and shame yourself into getting off your rather lardish ass and getting with the writing. Damn it.

I will let you know how that goes.


(who wants a cupcake)

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2 Responses to Being a creator…

  1. mirandasuri says:

    We’ve all been there, and it sucks. I really do believe there’s a rhythm to this stuff. You can’t be ‘on’ all the time and sometimes these lulls are really our brain’s way forcing us to pause so they can process where their headed next. Or something like that.

    I feel you on week 2 of the diet, too. HANG IN THERE! We’ll both look so svelte in San Antonio ;)…as we stuff our faces full of beer!

  2. seamusbayne says:


    Thanks for the kind worlds. I agree! know there are cycles to my writing, but I have been working to try and force myself into a more consistent schedule.

    I am not sure you would call me svelte but I will be considerably more aerodynamic by then. 🙂


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