Saturday gardening zen

Happy Cinco de Tomato!

Tom-MAH-toe, Toe-MAY-to…

No matter how you say it, you have to love seeing these beauties ripening on the vine.  What will I do with them? I don’t know.

They are a gorgeous range of colors, but don’t take my word for it.

San Marzano


San Marzano

And last, but not least.

Black Cherry

Now if I can just get the bell pepper, the jalapeno and the tomatoe to all agree to ripen at the same time, there will be some excellent salsa in the near future.

Lots of family activities this weekend, some day tripping to a baby shower.  If you don’t seem much from me until Monday don’t worry.  I am okay. Were all okay here.  Except for the poor tomatoes who are going to get eaten.

How are you?


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