Garden catch-up


I know I missed last Saturday, owing to my being at Paradise Lost.  Here is a little garden goodness. I harvested some peppers (jalapeño & bell) and basil.  I made a simple red sauce last night to go with pasta.


The sauce came out well.  I allowed it a half hour to simmer, then hit it with an immersion blender to get rid of the chunks, which my kids tend to poke at in horror. I failed to take a photo of the sauce, so be content with pretty green things.

– Seamus

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2 Responses to Garden catch-up

  1. karmicangel says:

    Look at those Jalapeños!! my mouth is watering over here…

    • seamusbayne says:

      They are delicious, but I must constantly remind myself to wash my hands thoroughly after I harvest them. I have more than I can use. I need to come up with a plan like pickling them or something. Who knew 3 plants could be so productive?

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