Summer of Stupidity update

“Seamus,” you say, “how about that writing challenge thingy?”

I am glad you asked anonymous and largely fictitious reader whom I am using as a literary vehicle to introduce this bit.

It sucks rocks, but for many reasons, most of which I can rationalize as good, I am okay with that.

I will give more data when I am in a place to discuss it, but good things, Pinkie.  Good things.

To be clear, I am also NOT GIVING UP. I am still pushing for a first draft by July 4th.

Now if I could just make up my mind about WHICH one.  Yes…

Fat, disgusting vampire or Evil-elves heist story… So many choices.



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1 Response to Summer of Stupidity update

  1. Mike Shaffer says:

    Evil Elf Heist for $500.00, Alex…

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