Work in progress: The Lost


The opening paragraph of a new short story:

“I finger the eye in my pocket, the one with the rotating universe in it, and shift in my wool uniform. Professor McKitrick sees my squirming, and comes to stand behind me, a hand on my shoulder while he reads from the Odyssey. The pressure of his hand is not as heavy as the glances of my fellow students. Professor McKitrick never shouts, never gets angry, he just stands over you, like the rising tide of a sea of opprobrium.”

I kind of like it. I like prompts to get going, especially when the creative well comes up with dust and clichés.  I use random strings of words and google images.

This was the concept image that started this story. I did a search on: glass, eye, and universe. The story started writing itself after I saw this.

How do you get going?



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1 Response to Work in progress: The Lost

  1. I like the beginning! I would definitely keep reading. Interesting idea and smooth prose.

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