Viable Paradise


If you’re a writer type, and really, if you aren’t, why are you reading my blog again? My scintillating sense of humor you say?  Stop! I’m blushing.  Where was I?  Oh, if you are a writer type, and you haven’t been to a journey-person level workshop, then you would struggle to find a better option for giving your career and craft a boost than Viable Paradise.

But don’t take my word for it:

It’s possible that there’s a better way for an aspiring sf/f writer to spend his or her first week in October, but to be truthful about it I’m hard-pressed to think what it might be“. – John Scalzi

If Saint Presidente-for-life Scalzi likes it, it has to be good.

You have two weeks to get your submission in. If you have a novel sitting in one of the many hells, (draft X, revision, query) then get thee to the Viable Paradise.


They’re keeping the light on for you.


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