At the beep, the time will be


Okay, the world is not really ending.  It is however exploding into stuff all around me.

Good stuff, Writing stuff, domestic stuff, kid stuff, adult stuff.  Stuff!


What is not happening is blogging stuff.  This does not mean I don’t love you.  As I have said before, you are ALL my special mushrooms.  But, uh, I might not be posting much for a couple of weeks.  Writing projects alone are eating my brain.

I have a new novel I am working on, which is demanding attention and has decamped so deeply into my head space that coming up with blog posts has been futile and frustrating.

I am out here, I am writing, I am doing the stuffs.

Hang in there and I will talk to you all soon as possible.

Nitrate saturated pork bellies,


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