Signs and portents

Greetings readers,

I have a whole mixed bag of things to talk to you about.  How shall I order them?  Hmms, let us begin with a status update to the Summer of Stupidity.

What have I been writing since we last spoke?

Project Mirror       30,000k words

Dance Upon Sand  9200 words

Project Heist          15,000 words

Total word count    57,000 words in about 80 days.

Goal:                        100,000 word first draft of a new novel.

So, I think it is safe to say I am not going to crap out 70k words on Project Mirror in the next 10 days.  I am going to have to admit that this attempt:

Or did it?  I mean, yes, I clearly failed to reach my goal, but in that same period I did produce a lot of words, good woods. So am I unhappy? No, not much. Disappointing, but not crushing.  We shall live to fight another day my special mushrooms. Winning is not always the goal, but the behavior, and in that, this worked for me and I won.

In the mean time, there are good things which I can talk about and good things which are on going which I cannot. Rather than be a total tease,  I shall tell you about the good things I can.

I’m honored to say I have been offered, and accepted the role of editorial assistant for Nightmare magazine. At Paradise Lost this year, John Joseph Adams spoke at length about the value of slush reading and seeing, “how the sausage is made,” in the industry.

After just a few weeks I can say it is very eye-opening, and I would agree with John’s assessment, it is educational. It is particularly interesting reading horror, which is a genre I love to read, but have not written in. If you are reading this, and you write horror, I urge you to submit your best stories. Just not about sausage making.  *shudder* 

So, more good news,

I am pleased to announce that my story, “Dance Upon Sand,” will be included in issue 13 of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly to be released in July.  This is the conclusion of the story arc started with, “Crown of Sorrows.”

(Could I use any more passive voice in a sentence?)

In the mean time, I am working diligently as I can in this damn Texas summer heat, *glares at sun*  and I will continue to push forward with project Mirror and I’m planning to have it completed by late Fall.

It will mean I have less brain power for thoughtful blog posts, but I will try to keep up with the world and current events where I have something to say.

Beunas suerte,


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2 Responses to Signs and portents

  1. That’s awesome! And they’ve taken my poem for the July issue, too, though until a couple days ago it could have gone to October. THEY CANNOT ESCAPE.

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