Good reviews are like fireworks


I’m gratified to say that issue 13 of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly has received another great review from the Sword and Sorcery blog. My story shared some of the very kind words.

 “In my review of HFQ Issue 12 I noted that Seamus Bayne’s “Crown of Sorrows” could serve as jumping off point for a much longer story.  Kudos to me for noting the obvious.  Bayne returns in Issue 13 with the continuation of mercenary Ordwin’s struggles against his malefactor, the sorcerer-king Thiesius.  Undeterred by the baleful transmogrification worked on him in the previous story, Ordwin has marched on Thiesius’ royal city and laid siege to it.
 Bayne’s characters are solid.  In “Crown of Sorrows”, both Thiesius and his guard captain, Kadir, were vivid and more than one-dimensional. Ordwin, as narrator, was more so.  In “Dance Upon Sand”, Ordwin provides much more of his history giving the reader deeper understanding of what made him the man he has become.
   At the end of “Crown of Sorrows” there was sense of triumph in Ordwin’s acceptance of his fate and his fire for revenge.  “Dance Upon Sand” takes much of that away yet it still manages to find a transcendent victory for Ordwin that makes it an almost surprisingly potent story.”

I ‘m new enough at writing that these reviews are surprising and delightful.  I hope I never lose that feeling, or become jaded to seeing someone take pleasure in reading something I wrote.

Have a happy and safe fourth of July,


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