I’m still here


I live, but I am, as I said a while back, deeply into day job work, preparation for some travel, writing on project mirror, and dealing with a few side stories I am trying to get going.

I wrote a short story for Alex Shvartsman’s UFO Anthology

It was summarily rejected, but with a nice personal note. Nothing like seeing the problem with your own fiction one email too late. I shall carry on the fight, though this story is going on the back burner.  Maybe something about alien door to door sales persons and doomsday preppers?


In the mean time, I am working on Paradise Lost 3 and getting it staged up.  Things are going well there.  I hope to have things to say soon.





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1 Response to I’m still here

  1. Gwendar says:

    Huzzah on the rejection and sympathy on the day-job-time-sucking-woes. Wasn’t there some sort of points system for rejections? That was fun. Let’s do that again.

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