Where’s Seamaldo?


Why, I am right here. I just have had one hell of a couple of months. Both for good and challenging reasons.

So why break the silence of my summer hermitage from the blogosphere?

Well, I guess I am going to have to chalk it up to narcissism. Let’s face it, blogging requires a certain amount of ego to assume that you have something to say and that there are people waiting to hear it, in the first place.

So first and foremost on my mind today, is my fortieth birthday.

For which most people seem to respond to a little like this:

I find myself thinking of it more like this:

I am really quite jazzed to be here. I am going to enjoy the year and try to do as many fun things as I can think of in celebration of making it to full-blown, bull moose adulthood.  And without a criminal record to boot! (Acquitted!)

What?  What do you mean my birthday does not excuse something like an 8 week absence of substantive posts?  What kind of a martinet are you? Sheesh, okay.

So here is what else is going on.

The main reason I have not been blogging, and writing very little is because my wrists have hurt, and in stark moments of honesty looking in the mirror, I mouthed the words, “Repetitive Stress Injury,” in abject fear. The good news is that yesterday I went to the orthopedic specialist and found out I have tendinitis.  This is extremely treatable and other than correcting/or limiting some bad behavior on my part as to WHERE I write, it should clear right up with some steroids, (ROIDRAGE!) and perhaps a little physical therapy.

In the mean time, I have continued working on Project Mirror, though I won’t deny, I am behind.  I have GOOD reasons to finish this project this year. I just need to focus, and not write where it is going to aggravate my wrists further.

What else?

Well, we had a fantastic summer full of adventures, I started the summer getting a new truck. We went on a trip to Marco Island, Florida. We also spent several weekends at my Mom’s place on the Blanco river, in Wimberley, Texas. We even went to Legofest, where I got to sit in a two foot deep pile of Lego blocks. I think the photos will speak for the summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now, I am going to go enjoy my birthday, try to get a little writing done, and start another decade, a good one, maybe the best yet.



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