Paradise Lost III & shrubbery


I know some of you follow other sources of social media from me, so apologize the duplication. For those who only follow me here.  I wanted to let everyone know that Paradise Lost III is open for registration.  We are half full, at just over two weeks of being open.  If you plan to attend, I strongly suggest you go register.

Go check it out.

In the mean time, today has been a day of domestrivia.  Specifically, planting the shrubbery.  It is rather nice shrubbery.  Also, it is exhausting digging holes in dirt, then stuffing said nice shrubbery into them, patting dirt around it and such.  My back hurts.  My arms hurt. I was scratched because said nice shrubbery was rather thorny. So it was nice shrubbery, but pokey, and exhausting.  If they do not live, I shall be most put out. I will dig them up and beat them with a shovel.  See if I don’t.

I am hoping to move to on to Project Mirror and the shiny, new words soon.

But first, food.

Have a lovely shrubbery day


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