Who am I?

Yet another dreary writer on the internet with delusions of grandeur.

Droll statistics:

  • Born 1972 in Austin, Texas
  • Grew up on his family’s ranch near Houston
  • A graduate of Texas A&M
  • I have a day job in Technology and Marketing
  • Been writing off and on since my 20’s
  • Sometimes gamer and game creator
  • Lives in NW Austin, Texas with wife and twins

Hobbies & loves:

  • Avid reader, writer and teller of stories
  • Love the outdoors
  • Hunts, fishes, hikes and camps given opportunity
  • Collects antique whiskey decanters, books, and furniture
  • Occasional home brewer and mixologist
  • Active marksman and enjoy the sport of shooting
  • Makes things, preferably by hand from historically correct methods
  • A rock hound and will gladly spend a day poking around looking for shiny things in dead volcanoes
  • Has far more hobbies than he has time to enjoy them