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I still live

And snark…

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This just about sums it up

I miss Ren & Stimpy. – S

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In the running for the best damn Margarita: El Monumento, Margarita Clasica

Damn, brother. It’s been a fur piece since I had one this perfect. Also, yes, I live. -S

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If you find yourself in need of inspriation This soundtrack will carry you across the pages like a horse at full gallop as the steady drum beat and strings wring the words out of you.  -Seamus

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And on this day

Dear readers, Nothing was a surprise, few were fooled, and for those few who were, it was not an unusual state of being on this, or any other day. The jaded cynic in us sneered in loathing of the paltry, … Continue reading

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Bonnie thinks you should writing

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Star Wars preamble in Ermagerdian

Readers,   I am quite deep into a ton of life, (all good) and writing, (argh!) at the moment. Thus I give you: ERMAGERD! STERWERS: ER NER HERP ERT ERS A PERERD ERF CERVERL WER RERBERL SPERCERSHERPS, STRERKIN FRERM A … Continue reading

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